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What to Expect

At Advanced Home Health, it is important that we understand the needs and expectations of our patients. Prior to starting any treatment plan, our team will set up an assessment to help us learn more about your needs and individual circumstances. 

Initial Assessment

Our initial assessment will allow us to better plan your care and ensure that our staff can meet your expectations. During our first visit with any patient, we will evaluate their health, current medications, and the safety of their home. We also hope to provide clarification of our operating procedures and the treatment schedule during this first visit. 

Quality Care

It is our mission to provide the best possible care for our patients within their homes. We believe in providing top-quality care to help our patients recover with exceptional medical attention all while helping them maintain their privacy, independence, and dignity. 

Physician Communication

We will communicate with your primary care physician to provide regular updates about your status as well as any concerns that may come up. This will help us to create the best treatment plan possible for you and keep your health on track. 

Prevent Re-hospitalization

It is our goal to prevent re-hospitalization through an effective transition from the hospital to your recovery care. Our in-home medical care is ideal for individuals who are recovering from a surgery or injury, or even those who require regular care and just need a break from frequent office visits. 

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