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Advanced Home Health staff is trained and experienced in providing post-op surgical rehabilitation. While each patient receives a unique treatment plan catered to their individual needs, the basics of the following steps are common across most care plans. 

Step 1: At-home rehabilitation

By providing rehabilitation in our patients’ homes, our licensed staff helps prevent repetitive office visits and reduces the chance of infection. Our staff is trained to help individuals with the following:   

  • Provide physical rehabilitation services in your home
  • Provide post-surgical wound care
  • Coordinate with your physician to cater a treatment plan to your unique needs
  • Help improve safety with day-to-day activities

Step 2: Getting you back to everyday life

Recovery doesn't usually end with treatment from our providers. Oftentimes there are additional steps that our patients and their families must take to help ensure the best recovery. So, part of each treatment plan include educational resources for our patients. 

  • Exercises from your speech, occupational, or physical therapist
  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Diet and nutrition education
  • Fall prevention
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