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Our oncology program is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual patient.


Advanced Home Health and Dr. Brad Adams, MD have created an oncology program that includes specialists from different disciplines who develop a treatment plan and walk you through your treatment every step of the way. Working closely with Dr. Adams on this program are Kylee Belnap, PA-C and Danae Walker, RN/Nurse Navigator, along with many others to assist you with the most effective treatment plan.

Dr. Brad Adams, MD is among the most advanced and innovative oncologists available in the region. His team of cancer specialists provides superior care that is close to home so you can focus on what's most important to you — regaining your health — in the most familiar and comfortable environment possible.

Oncology Program

This program is specifically designed for patients with a diagnosis of cancer.

The key to a successful program is continuous and frequent patient contact. Once the referral is made, the program will be automatically activated. We will admit and assess each patient with particular attention to individual needs. The patient’s medications will be reconciled with their oncologist and primary care physician. The patient will receive detailed instruction and education. This information will be relayed to the patient’s primary care physician as well as their oncologist. Dr. Adams and the staff at Advanced Home Health will work closely together regarding patient care and recommend any needed changes in the plan of care.

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